Who are we?

Meet team love of it

Jo Tinsley – Editor

Jo is an outdoor journalist and self-appointed guru on good wholesome fun. Happy to admit a healthy picnic obsession, she can often be found scoffing Scotch eggs and glugging ginger beer whilst day dreaming about her next big adventure. She is addicted to road trips and loves nothing better than taking photos of her feet in unusual places and of her face in wing mirrors. By day she defends the Big British Castle and spends a lot of time looking at maps.

Steph Wetherell – Events Editor

Steph is a green architecture geek, with oodles of enthusiasm and a passion for weird and unusual events. She harbours a collection of photographs of unusual tip jars and has never quite grown out of her childhood ambition to be an astronaut. The self professed queen of homemade hobnobs, she is obsessed with writing lists, taking photos of shadows and reflections, makes an excellent generic four legged balloon animal and is slowly overcoming her fear of stuffed wallabies.

Kerry Bradshaw – team love of it

Kerry loves periodic tables, insects, rainbows, dancing, thinking, gardening, bike-riding, swimming, drawing, watching, planning and smiling and smiles. She’s a multimedia developer and documentary film maker, and the creator of the Magic Lantern film club and Word Up! & Friends games club. She loves doing stuff, and getting as many people as possible involved.

Xavier Keeling – Web Genius

Xavier is the man who makes things work and patiently answers stupid questions. A twice published origami inventor, he once fenced and beat Bruce Dickenson. He steers the good ship Bristol Explorers through the adventures of life, gets over excited about everything, and has lucid dreams. When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, he answered “everything”. He is also utterly addicted to magic rolls.

Matt Jennings – team love of it

Matt is unnaturally tall, pale and funny looking with an interest in many things, and a talent for almost none of them. He loves music in many of its forms, and if pressed will make bad noises at you on a guitar. He likes to juggle and throw sticks in the air, and will almost always be up for any activity that involves frivolity and/or a cocktail. He is the reigning UK Cardboard Tube Fighting champion.

Jode Mayhew – team love of it

Jode is a huge fan of comics, B-movies & atrocious outsider-music. He founded the Bristol Chapter of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League and is the undefeated world champion of Facial Expression Paper-Rock-Scissors, possibly because he invented it & everyone else thinks it’s stupid. He is currently attempting to eat 100 different animals. His favourite so far is Zebra. He would very much like to give you a piggy-back.

Scruff – team love of it

Scruff is a big fan of bright coloured things, and harbours a soft spot for Babysham. During her life, she has lived with 95 different people, in 21 houses across 4 countries. She likes counting things like this. Blessed with the useful ability to tie knots in cherry stalks with her tongue, she also enjoys making beautiful things in foreign lands. She takes lots of photographs, and can often be found sticking/pegging/tying them up for others to enjoy.

Beth Charlesworth – Wales Regional Editor

Beth worked on films in NYC for a while before coming home to start her own digital creative business whilst she writes a feature film of her very own. There’s lots of things she loves but all of them usually start with taking to the road with some sandwiches and a camera and normally end with scuffed knees, empty pockets and a belly full with loveliness. She can often be found staying up too late, reading books under the covers by torchlight and hiding from the monsters under her bed.

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