Put on your own guerrilla gallery

Put on your own guerrilla gallery

the love of it have teamed up with the Bristol Festival of Photography (20th May – 9th June) on an awesome little project that will turn the whole of Bristol into one big photo gallery, with surprises around each corner.

For three magical weeks we are challenging you to install your own guerrilla galleries throughout the city. Stick, hang and fix your photographs anywhere you like – the only limit is your imagination.

Once you’ve set up your gallery, tag your photos to the guerrilla galleries Facebook event and add yourself to our map (open the large map, click “Edit”, then drag a balloon to your gallery location):
View Guerrilla Gallery Bristol in a larger map

Non-Bristol based folk can get involved too! Set up your own guerilla gallery wherever you are in the world, upload your photos and we’ll upload them here and share your work with the rest of the love of it community.

Guerrilla galleries are go…


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