Make a mix CD and swap it

Make a mix CD and swap it

There’s something really magical about planning and making a good mix cd/tape. And receiving a mix cd from someone else is even more special.

So have a nosey at our “How to…” guide. Trawl through your music collection, gathering your favourite tracks as you go. Come up with a theme or just freestyle it. Make a playlist and give it a trial listen. Swap around some tracks, take a couple out, add some in until you get that perfect mix. Then make a cover for it. Pull out the pritt stick or get creative with some photography. And then decide who you’re going to give it to. Maybe post it to one of your friends who lives far away, put on a mix cd swapping event or assist in the musical education of one of your friends.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell us about your swapping experiences and upload photos of your finished CDs…


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