Have a power off weekend

Have a power off weekend

Our good friends at the Touchwood Project in Orkney are organising the Power Off Weekend III on Fri 18 June – Sun 20 June: that’s 48 hours without electricity but with friends, games, candles and woolly hats.

Imagine candlelight, board games, dancing to keep warm and storytelling. Imagine camping in your own home, building a den, being playful and changing the rules – all just for one weekend.

If you can’t do the whole 48 hours, why not organise a lights off evening? Turn the power off, invite your friends over, throw on a woolly jumper and play board games by candlelight, then jump in your sleeping bags and camp out in the lounge.

For inspiration on (wholesome) lights out activities check out Malcolm’s feature: 101 things to do without electricity.

Join the facebook group to find out more and to share your stories. We want to see photos of you playing Boggle in the dark and making shadow puppets by candlelight. Brilliant!

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