The Halloween gingerbread bake-off

The Halloween gingerbread bake-off

I do love an opportunity to cook. And autumn brings its own special delights full of apples, pumpkins and baked goods bursting with spices. I’m also a big fan of injecting some fun into life, and this challenge is the perfect opportunity.

Do you have your halloween costume sorted? Maybe a ghost or a witch? A zombie or a spider? Well, here’s your chance to take halloween costume ideas one step further and into the land of the baked good. Yes, we are challenging you to bake the best halloween themed gingerbread man that the world has ever seen.

In need of a little inspiration? Start with a standard gingerbread recipe (try Delia or this Channel 4 one), and cut out your gingerbread man. Now, start the modifying… One head or two? Two arms or none? Does your pirate need a peg leg or your witch desire a pointy hat? Change the shape of your gingerbread man as much as you wish before popping him into the oven. Once cooked, let him cool for a bit, then get creative with your icing. (Little tubes of writing icing are useful for this, but feel free to make your own). Does your monster need some extra eyes? Or your zombie some oozing blood?

Take photos of your creations and send them to us. Best one wins the honour of the Halloween Gingerbread Baker of the Year 2010 title. Now that’s one for your CV…

Check out these photos for some inspiration.

Halloween Gingerbread

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