Volunteer For ‘See No Evil’

This August Bristol is hosting a very special and exciting event and it’s called ‘See No Evil’. The event is presented by Inkie, Team Love and Bristol City Council.

In short on the week of the 15th, a number street artists from around the globe, including local artist too of course, have been invited to descend upon the drab Nelson Street to inject a bust of life and colour into it by creating massive murals on the street’s buildings.

The street art will be carried out all week, then on Saturday 20th the street will be opened up to the public and a street party will be hosted. Also there are set of three club nights on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

It’s a big date in the Bristol calendar and the city is anticipating a large turn out. Best of all you can be a a part of it by being a volunteer. Yippie.

You can volunteer on any of the days from the Monday through to the Saturday and if you help out not only will it be a great experience, but you will get to meet the artist and gain free entry into one of the three club nights.

Interested? Go to: http://bristoleventvolunteers.co.uk/events/2147483614

Website address: http://bristoleventvolunteers.co.uk

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