Valentines Rock Paper Scissors tournament

Valentines Rock Paper Scissors tournament

Forget flowers…say it with a rock!

Valentines Day usually means a romantic meal, the back seats of the cinema or a cosy night in. That is if you are already in a couple. But what about the thousands of people still dreaming of finding their soulmate? Well, Wacky Nation, the off the wall events company, has created a match made in heaven where singletons can have a really fun evening whilst mixing with the opposite sex without the pressures normally associated with dating.

The Valentines Rock Paper Scissors at V-Shed on 14th February will take the concept of blind dating and speed dating to the next level. Instead of nervous chatting up or protracted flirting, participants can mingle with the sub text of playing the cult game of rock paper scissors.

The idea of Rock Paper Scissors is for two people to go head to head using one hand to imitate either a rock (clenched fist), a piece of paper (flat hand) or a pair of scissors (two fingers in a V shape). Rock beats (blunts) scissors, paper beats (wraps) rock and scissors beats (cuts) paper. Perhaps surprisingly the game is not just about luck and avoiding elbow cramp. It’s very similar to poker with a lot of bluffing and putting out mixed signals.

The game is usually played to decide an argument e.g. who pays for the next round of drinks or who does the cooking but at the Valentines night event there will be romantic subtext. There will be an official contest limited to 64 people but the main event will be the Street rock paper scissor challenge where participants must challenge everyone else to a game of rock paper scissors staking fake money. Whoever has amassed the most fake money at the end of the night takes home a small prize. But unlike other events around the year, there will be a strict rule that competitors can only challenge a member of the opposite sex.

Event organiser and co-founder of Wacky Nation Sally Raynes commented: ‘For our other Rock Paper Scissors events, the emphasis is on winning or at least looking as if competitors know how to win. But at the Valentines Rock Paper Scissors we are encouraging entrants to challenge the opposite sex to a game which we hope will be a prelude to something more long lasting. Rock Paper Scissors is a really fun and addictive game which gets the heart racing because it is tense and nerve-jingling especially with money at sake, albeit fake. It is also a great ice-breaker. In fact all the pressure will be on worrying what symbol to use so once our entrants have played a few games, chatting someone up will be a doddle, even for people less confident. Whatever happens everyone can at least experience several hours of fun and excitement but hopefully by the end of the evening the unofficial 4th symbol of a kiss will be the most commonly played between competitors!’

If you would like to find out more or register to take part visit or The contest will run from… with a disco at the end of the night.


Rock Paper Scissors Tips:

1. Men are more likely to throw a rock on their first throw – if you play a bloke, throw a paper first

2. Women are more likely to play paper on their first throw – if you play a woman, throw scissors first.

3. Belie your physique e.g. if your big, scary and muscular, throw paper

4. Scissors is statistically the least thrown – therefore paper is statistically the safest throw, but not if everyone follows tip no. 2.

5. For experts only, change your throw at the last minute e.g. twitch your fingers to signal a scissors before reverting to a rock. This is called ‘Shadowing.’

6. Wear sunglasses to prevent your opponent from studying your eyes

7. Study your opponent’s eyes (if they aren’t wearing sunglasses). Are they looking up to the right or are the eyes glazed over. They could be about to throw scissors.

8. Taunt the opponent and try reverse psychology! Tell them what you think they will throw and they may throw the opposite.

9. Finally, if you’re a bloke and you win buy your female opponent a drink

10. If you’re a women and you lose, demand a drink off your male opponent!


About the organisers: Wacky Nation ( is undoubtedly Britain’s craziest events company. Their aim is simple: to invent or re-introduce wackiness for the British public to experience and further the popularity of alternative sports and exercise, such as backward running and rock paper scissors (more to follow). With the London Olympics getting closer they also want to remind people of the fun events that exist where you don’t have to be incredibly fit or adhere to strict diets in order to become a UK or World Champion. They have already organised backward running races in London and Manchester as well as several rock paper scissor tournaments. Whilst their website is arguably the authoritative source for all unusual and unique sports, contests and races. They have also written a book (title: Wacky Nation) raving about 50 of Britain’s craziest contests.


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