the love of it versus postcrossing

the love of it versus postcrossing

A few months back I signed up for postcrossing, as a way to send some of my 365 photo postcards (that loveofitJo gave me!) to people across the world. Well, here’s how it’s gone…

This is a map of my postcrossing so far – the blue represents where I’ve received postcards from, the red, where I’ve sent them to. Each member has a short section for a profile, and people often write what kind of postcards they like to receive and I’ve tried to match this as best as I can from my postcards (you like cats, you get a photo of the cat…).


And the postcards I’ve received have been awesome – from stories of padlocks being locked onto bridges from Lithuania to beautiful photos of trees from Brazil. It’s a wonderful insight into other places around the world (on my profile I ask people to tell me something unusual about where they live) and definitely made me look forward to the post being delivered.
If anyone else is a member, you can see more about the postcards I’ve sent and received here (I’ll try to get round to scanning the missing ones soon). If you’ve never postcrossed, sign up and give it a go…


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