Return of the origami bombing…

Return of the origami bombing…

Inspired by the success of the first origami bombing mission, and in possession of some giant silver scrap card (the result of an impulsive purchase at the Scrapstore), I suddenly found myself with 20 giant origami cranes in the corner of my room. Now, what to do with them?

Fortunately a willing accomplice was found in the form of Chris, who runs the awesome UpCycle, and with the kind loan of a ladder, some duct tape and a big roll of twine, origami bombing returned to the streets of Bristol.

The 20 cranes were hung up all around Stokes Croft, Montpelier and St Pauls. A couple made an appearance on the original origami bombing tree (where I ended up making cranes for a few kids who had stopped to watch), and the rest scattered across the local area.

Unsurprisingly, they haven’t lasted long. In fact, one had been taken before we’d even finished hanging them up. But a few are still there 2 days later and having survived yesterday’s rain.

So let me know if you saw any of them or know where any of them ended up…

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