Pay it Forward: free cake!

Pay it Forward: free cake!

So yesterday Emma from the Trinity Centre, Jo from the love of it and lovely volunteer Kat (who found us through Happy City), spent the afternoon giving out free cakes in Castle Park in Bristol to kick start Pay it Forward Week.

The Castle Park folk were totally loving it and we hope that we brightened up people’s already sunny days and encouraged some great Pay if Forward deeds!

We left smiley and excited by all the people who had promised to spread the pounds as far as Ireland and Slovenia!

If you received a pound and would like to tell us how you’ve paid it forward, please comment below, email us or add your own post to this website.

Pay it Forward Week is a project started by Bristol’s Trinity Centre, Let’s Do Nice Things and the love of it. We’re encouraging people to do something nice for someone else and then pay the good deed forward rather than back. We’ve invented Pay it Forward Pounds so we can track how far the good deeds spread and we’re planning to track them on a map as then travel the world – so please help us achieve this aim by paying your pound forward and helping more people get involved.

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    Add your comments here people if you pay it forward from the cake times…

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