Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

the love of it believe that 2011 is the year to Pay It Forward – to go out and do something wonderful and expect nothing in return, and we’re working with Trinity Community Arts and Lets Do Nice Things to share this idea with people and encourage them to Pay It Forward.

The expression “Pay It Forward” – inspiring a novel, a social movement and a film – is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead, essentially giving forward instead of back. We want 2011 to be a year of paying it forward, and because we love inventing days, we’re inventing Pay It Forward WEEK, from 23-30 April.

So what kinds of deeds are we talking about? From random acts of kindness to guerrilla gardening, making a mix tape to sending postcards, a range of ideas to inspire individuals and groups will be available on the website for download nearer the time.

As part of this project, the love of it, Trinity Community Arts and Lets Do Nice Things to put on a week of free arts and community events in Bristol. During Pay It Forward week, there will be loads of activities including a free family indoor picnic, workshops and more. For more information, keep an eye on the Trinity site and the facebook event.

But the love of it like to think big, and we want to see Pay It Forward travel further, with the good deeds multiplying as it spreads across the UK and the world.

There are several ways you can get involved in Pay It Forward:

1) Do a good deed

Don’t forget to tell the recipient about the Pay It Forward concept and encourage them to Pay It Forward. You can do this at any point during the year, but we’re particularly encouraging you to get involved during Pay It Forward week. And of course, we want you to share your stories of good deeds and random acts of kindness. We’ll soon have a whole section of the website ready for you to feedback about how you’ve paid it forward.

2) Take ownership of an Pay It Forward idea

We’re putting together a collection of awesome and inspirational Pay It Forward ideas and we want to hear from you. Give your idea a test run (preferably with photos), then send it to us ( before 14th March and we’ll include them in our resource pack.

3) Come along to our alternative Royal Wedding Day on 29th April

Hey, everyone’s got a day off work, let’s do something fun! That’s the thinking behind this event. Trinity, Lets Do Nice Things and the love of it are putting together a fun day of workshops and activities at the Trinity Centre in Bristol, featuring royal themed scrabble, postcard writing and much much more (if you want to run a workshop or activity then let us know!). Come along and bring all your friends…

4) Organise a Pay It Forward event during Pay It Forward week.

From indoor picnics to biscuit handouts, the only limit is your imagination. Tell us about it ( and we’ll put it in our program of events.

5) Spread the Pay It Forward idea further…

…by inviting your friends to join Pay It Forward week via our facebook event.

We’re also releasing 500 Pay It Forward pounds into the wild on the 2nd April. Each Pay It Forward pound will have a tracking number and details of how to log the kind deed into the Pay It Forward database. Eventually we hope to track the pounds and build a map of the progress of the Pay It Forward kindness as it spreads across the world.

Looking forward to all the Pay It Forward fun!

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