Natural navigation & bushcraft

Natural navigation & bushcraft

theloveofit contributor, bushcraft expert and founder of the Touchwood Project, Malcolm Handoll, is travelling down from Orkney to visit the West Country this April/May and is organising two cracking courses in bushcraft and natural navigation.


Sat 28- Sun 29 April, £90 including two lunches

A hands-on, fun weekend learning essential survival skills that really work. Suitable for novice and intermediate students, families and anyone wanting expert but friendly tuition grounded in environmental awareness and sustainability.

Learn how to leave no trace and make friction fire kits, start fires in wet and windy conditions, cook on an open fire, make emergency shelters, forage for resources and master early survival scenarios, amongst other skills.

Natural navigation

Sat 5 – Sun 6 May. £90 including two lunches.

This will be an energetic and enjoyable treat with a huge bag of take-away skills, from shadow sticks and sun compasses, to finding north and measuring distances.

The course will make sure you know how to use a map and compass before moving on to explain the art of natural navigation, using the Sun, Moon, stars and planets. Then we will explore on foot, discovering clues in nature, plants, animals, shadows, and the wind. You will be able to ‘read’ the countryside in a whole new way.

You will learn how to relocate when lost, how to measure distances and time with nothing but your hands and feet. How to find north when clouds cover most of the sky. A course that really delivers a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Click here to find out more and book.

Malcolm Handoll specialises in eco-survival in the north of Scotland, teaching families and adventurers skills that really work. Malcolm is one of only a handful of people in this country who can teach how to navigate using only the environment and natural features. He also has a wealth of knowledge on Stone Age living, including the recently unearthed Neolithic ‘temple complex’ in Orkney.


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