Mixed up board games

Mixed up board games

Last night at Word UP! board games night, team love of it were inspired by Hide & Seek’s boardgame remix kit and tried out some of our own mixed up board games…

The games we tried out included:

- Turn the corner scrabble - Where you’re able to turn tiles so they face another direction and build off them in that way, thus being able to hit different bonus squares and fit words in that wouldn’t otherwise be possible

- Scrabble poker – This started off as boggle poker, but works better with a scrabble set. It’s still a work in progress and there’s still problems that need ironing out, but we’re getting there… You have to make a word up out of a combination of the tiles in your hand (of which you have to use at least two) and the tiles in the centre. The value of the word is made up of the sum of the scrabble letter points. Basically you get three tiles in your hand, and can swap up to three of them before the first round of betting. You bet (with pokerchips). Then three tiles are placed in the centre, followed by another round of betting. There’s another tile placed in the centre, followed by a third round of betting. A final tile is placed in the centre followed by the last round of betting. Currently under debate are bonus points for long words or ones that use all the tiles in your hand. Any thoughts?

We also had a brainstorm and came up with the following (mostly scrabble based) options:

- Speed scrabble – 30 seconds per go or miss your turn

- Disorder scrabble - Don’t wait your turn, just put down a word as soon as you find it

- Storytelling scrabble – Based on the boardgame remix kit version – each word has to fit into a story

- Awesome word voting scrabble – The points value for your word is decided by your opponents, with awesome or funny words scoring highly, along with innovative placement

- Round the world scrabble – There’s no edge to the board – if you go over one edge, you simply run over on to the other edge

- Swap letter scrabble – You can swap letters from your hand with ones on the board, as long as your leave a valid word behind.

- Zombie chase scrabble – A two player version – The zombie starts at one end of the board, the victim at the other. Each take it in turn to play – the zombie is aiming to “catch” the victim by crossing the victim’s most recent word, and the victim is trying to escape until the tiles run out…

Anyone got any other variations?

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