Things to do without electricity

Things to do without electricity

When I was a kid I was amazed how many people assumed you needed to buy the game to play it, not realising that often you just need pencil and paper. They’d rather buy some tacky plastic game or watch TV than make their own fun! I’m of the play-it-on-paper or build-your-own-game tribe. To celebrate The Touchwood Project’s Power Off Weekend, here are 101 things to do with your friends and loved ones – all without electricity…

  1. Science Experiments, Flames, And Safety
  2. Card Games
  3. Reading Books Or Plays Out Loud
  4. Ghost Stories
  5. Board Games, Many You Can Also Make Yourself, Like Othello!
  6. Darts
  7. Shove H’penny
  8. Hang Man
  9. Moving Around The House Without Touching The Floor (Pretending The Floor Is The Ocean)
  10. Shadow Puppets
  11. Christmas Card Writing
  12. Origami
  13. Ten Pin Bowling With Old Water Bottles As Pins
  14. Hunt The Thimble
  15. Hide And Seek
  16. Model Making
  17. Knitting And Felting
  18. Art, Picture Drawing, Painting
  19. Clay Working Or Plasticine
  20. Making Christmas Decorations
  21. Writing Letters To Forgotten Family
  22. Bingo
  23. Keeping A Diary Of The Weekend
  24. Hop Scotch
  25. Knots
  26. Rope Making
  27. Kitchen Science And Cookery
  28. Three-Legged Race, Sack Race Or Egg & Spoon Race
  29. Music
  30. Dress Up
  31. Magic Tricks
  32. Making False Teeth Out Of Orange Peel,
  33. Pass The Parcel,
  34. Musical Chairs,
  35. Paper Games Such As Connect 4, Battleships, Connect The Dots, Etc
  36. Rock-Paper-Scissors
  37. Building Structures With Objects Like Cardboard Egg Boxes And Tin Cans, Such As The Tallest Tower Or The Largest Bridge Span,
  38. Paper Aeroplane Competition
  39. Elastic Band Powered Vehicles
  40. Morse Code And Secret Messages
  41. Photography
  42. Claymation
  43. Tidying And Cleaning And Polishing
  44. Chinese Whispers
  45. Quoit Or Hoopla Or Horseshoes
  46. Skipping Rope
  47. Football
  48. Juggling And Catch
  49. Kite Making And Flying
  50. Beachcombing
  51. Stilt Walking (Even On Tin Cans And String)
  52. Making Toast, S’mores Or Toasting Marshmallows On A Real Fire
  53. Nature Walk
  54. Pin Hole Box Camera
  55. Jigsaw Puzzles
  56. Indoor Basketball
  57. Brass Polishing
  58. Bicycle Repair
  59. Potato Printing
  60. Charades
  61. Quizes
  62. Coconut Shy (See Bowling Above)
  63. Pick-Up Sticks
  64. I Spy
  65. Radio, Battery Or Wind Up
  66. Simon Says
  67. Paper Trails And Scavenger Hunt
  68. Treasure Hunt
  69. 20 Questions, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
  70. Obstacle Course
  71. Eating Together And Conversation
  72. A Walk In The Dark
  73. Star Gazing
  74. Blind Man’s Bluff
  75. Hula Hoop
  76. Tent Indoors With Sheets
  77. Piggy In The Middle
  78. Foursquare
  79. Mini Table Tennis
  80. French Cricket
  81. Boule
  82. Jacks And Marbles
  83. Carol Singing
  84. Pin The Tail On The Donkey
  85. Make Popcorn
  86. Spin The Bottle
  87. Balloons
  88. Homemade Jenga
  89. Feely Box
  90. Blind Tasting Or Scent Testing
  91. Indoor Golf Putting
  92. Newspaper Construction
  93. Quick On The Draw / Pictionary
  94. Three Draw – Word, Picture, Word
  95. Dominoes
  96. House Of Cards
  97. Mini Tug O’ War
  98. Memory Game
  99. Diy And Using Tools
  100. Story Or Poetry Or Cartoon Writing
  101. Fishing Indoors

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