Mischievous random acts of kindness…

Mischievous random acts of kindness…

On a day not too long ago, two mischievous souls took it upon themselves to right a wrong, and bring a bit of joy to some people’s days. And this is how they did it…

This story begins many weeks ago, when one of the pair discovered this rather grumpy and passive aggressive note by a window box of flowers around the corner from her house:

At this point, she recruited her partner in crime for a highly risky, and slightly cheeky mission. Armed with a plant pot of flowers (seasonal of course), the duo set about decorating the pot to make it more cheerful (the hairdryer was a key part of this operation).

When this was complete, the pair were ready to craft their sign with a clear message in mind…

And then they were off. Armed with the flowerpot and a fearless attitude, they set off to put the world to rights. Contrasting the grumpy and bland sign with their cheerful and kind one, they succeeded in placing their cargo in its rightful position.

And with that – there’s only one thing left to do – make a swift escape!

Here’s to hoping that it brought some people a little bit of joy (and that the flowers were all picked!).

This act of random kindness/cheekiness was bought to you by the mischievous pixies, Steph + Lizzie…

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