How to… make a monster

How to… make a monster

Making a monster is child’s play. Stuffed Nonsense show us how…

How to…

  1. Come up with a design for your monster. Try doing little sketches here and there and remember – it doesn’t have to make sense! As we are handstitching this one we’ve gone for quite a simple shape. If its your first time making a monster then maybe you might like to go for a similar simple shape but its entirely up to you. if you want you critter to have arms we would suggest adding them onto the basic body shape, rather than having a design where body, arms, legs etc are all on one piece of fabric…make sense? For instance our monster has little arms made from a piece of felt (we will slip them inbetween our monsters body when we are sewing him up…step 3.
  2. Once your happy with your overall design its time to draw it onto a piece of paper, pin it to your felt and carefully cut around the pattern. Remember you will need two bits of felt cut for the body. If your monster is having arms etc cut them out now but we will sew them in in a little bit. Start sewing at the bottom side of your monster, we’ve used a stitch which goes over the top of both layers…but you can use which ever one you want…the needle and thread are in your court!
  3. Keep sewing until you get to just below where you would like your first arm to be. Once you reach that point take one of your monsters arms and carefully slip it between the two layers and carry on sewing. It should only take a few stitches for your monsters arm to be securly sewn on. Carry on stitching until you reach the end of the felt on the other side opposite where you started…but REMEMBER to sew your monster’s other arm on!
  4. Looking good huh? Right now it’s time to stuff your little critter. We’re going to use polyester stuffing, which you can get from most craft shops. Its up to you how much stuffing you use, we’re going to stuff ours quite hard so that it will stand up by itself. For extra sturdyness (if you want your creation to stand up by itself), try putting a little bit of rice in the opening you’ve just been putting stuffing in.
  5. Next you need to sew your little fella up. You can do this in lots of different ways but we think it looks a little bit neater if you sew it up like a parcel. Imagine your wrapping up a nice square present and that you are about to tape up the sides…got that? You kind of push the smaller sides in first then fold the longer sides on top…well thats what your going to do here. Don’t worry if you dont get it first time – take your time and fiddle about with the fabric, you never know you might find an easier way to do it! Once your monsters bottom is all sewn up its time to get down to giving it some features!
  6. We’re going to give our little man a face using a lighter, flesh coloured piece of felt and then we’re going to give him eyes using little seed beads and add a mouth with a needle and thread. The reason we like to use a separate piece of felt for the face is that its a little bit easier to work with. You dont have to fiddle about sewing eyes straight onto your monster – instead you can sew everything onto one piece of felt and then sew that onto your stuffed critter.
  7. Once you’ve finished your little guys face it’s time to sew it onto your stuffed body. We’ve sewn our monster’s face on using a simple running stitch. Once you’ve sewn on its face you might want to think about other embelishments like sewing on a cross for a belly button (like we did) or perhaps you have a cute little button you’d like to add…it really is up to you.
  8. Thats it! You’ve just made your own little monster…the first of many we hope! May we be the first to congratulate you on your first tenative steps in plushy creation.
  9. Dont forget – you can go anywhere with this simple method. Instead of adding arms you could (using the same technique) give it ears or antennae. You could give your monster more than two eyes. You could embroider more features onto its face. You could give it wings. You could sew a brooch back onto the back of your monster. You could even turn it into a key ring! Remember: as long as you can think it you can stitch it!

Now you’ve made your monster, why not join in our Project 2010 #5 Have a monster swap? Send in photos of your monsters on great big monster adventures and we’ll show them to the world!

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