How to… make a mix cd

How to… make a mix cd

There’s something really magical about planning and making a good mix cd/tape. Join in our project 2010 with this great guide.

What you will need:

A blank CD

A plastic sleeve or case (or you can make one out of cardboard or paper)

Some pens and/or coloured pencils

Some great tunes

How to make your amazing mix CD:

1. Select your songs – try to keep it to one song per artist – everyone likes a bit of variety.

2. Decide on your track ordering, you need to make the songs flow in to eachother as well as possible. CDs follow the same rules as novels and films – they need a beginning, middle and end. If you want you can decide on an overall theme (eg. Top Songs for a Hungover Saturday, or The Best Songs with ‘Rain’ in the Title)

3. Once you’re happy with the order your songs are going in, burn your CD!

4. Now that your CD is ready, grab your pens and pencils and design a funky cover for it – that makes it all the more special to the person who receives it.

5. Give your special CD to that special someone, or even better, take it along to a mix CD event and discover some brilliant new music!

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