the love of it philosophy

the love of it philosophy

the love of it started, as all good ideas do, with a list. I was visiting my brother in Japan this September and as you do when you’re far from home, pondering on what you should do with yourself when you get home and spending a lot of time on trains, I wrote down a list of everything I loved doing: road trips, wild swimming, picnics, telling stories, playing Scrabble, nightwalking and star gazing, climbing hills and camping, spending time with friends. It dawned on me that there wasn’t one single place that brought all these things together – so I decided to make one! Since then things have kind of snowballed.

I started thinking about the all the movements that have gathered momentum recently – the slow movement, downsizing, growing your own food, green living, freeconomy, the resurgence of crafts and pervasive gaming, wild swimming and cool camping – and I began to think that what underpins many of these movements is the idea that doing something creative, just for fun, makes you happier. It’s the idea that spending time with the people you love, joining a community, sharing skills, making things and playing out is not only part of a more eco-friendly way to live but is a sure fire way to feeling good. Or on a more casual level – that every now and then doing something random, creative and just for the love of it can help you chill out after a busy week.

I’m certainly not the first to notice this, but I’d love to help spread the word and create a place where people can share ideas, plan adventures and get involved in fun, free and for the love of it events and projects around the world.

So that’s why I decided to launch the love of it – the source of all knowledge on good wholesome fun. Today is the first day of a new decade, not just any old new year, so why not join us and make one massive resolution – make 2010 the year you live for the love of it…

Massive thanks to everyone who has made this possible, but especially to Scott Purnell, Martin Dacre, Kerry Bradshaw, Steph Wetherell, Xavier Keeling, Malcolm Handoll, Lucy and Lucy and to everyone who’s written for us, taken photos for us and made enthusiastic noises along the way…

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